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Should Tech CEO's Go to Jail Over Data Misuse? Some Senators Say Yes

Ron Wyden turned heads this month with a bill that would put tech executives behind bars, but not all of his colleagues agree it would be effective—or constitutional.

As Mark Zuckerberg testified about all things Facebook on the House side of the Capitol last week, over on the Senate side some lawmakers were debating whether CEOs like Zuckerberg should face jail time if their companies misuse people’s personal data.

“You know, my sense is that Mark Zuckerberg is not going to take American’s privacy seriously unless he and others in these positions face personal consequences,” senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) told WIRED in his Capitol Hill office.

And consequences are at the heart of Wyden’s recent bill, the Mind Your Own Business Act. If passed, the legislation would establish new privacy and security standards for tech companies, and give the Federal Trade Commission more power to enforce them. Lawmakers from both parties have criticized the FTC for failing to rein in big tech companies, especially after it reached a $5 billion settlement with Facebook this summer over charges of widespread privacy violations. READ MORE:

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