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Could Feds Force Companies to Support Your Right to Repair?

In a big step toward possible legislation, the Federal Trade Commission held a workshop on whether consumers should be able to fix their gadgets themselves.

Last Tuesday in Washington, DC, while Facebook executive David Marcus was being grilled by a Senate committee over the company’s foray into cryptocurrency, the Federal

Trade Commission was hosting another tech-related panel a mile and a half away. This panel received much less attention and made far fewer headlines than the $5 billion fine slapped on Facebook the week before. But it raised similar questions about the influence of big corporations over the tech we use every day.

The FTC-hosted panel, called Nixing the Fix, asked whether consumers should be able to fix the gadgets they purchase or take them to an unauthorized repair shop without incurring a penalty. Today, customers who take repairs into their own hands often risk voiding their warranty. READ MORE:

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